Cyber Club Poised To Grow Community Thanks To One Day for UNK

For John Behrens and Alexis Bernthal, the Cyber Club at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is family.

Both Behrens and Bernthal are juniors studying computer science at UNK. Over the last year, Behrens said members of the club and UNK’s Department of Cyber Systems have worked tirelessly to grow the club. That work has paid off, with the club seemingly growing with each weekly meeting.

“A lot of us just want to have a community full of friends with similar interests,” Behrens, the club’s president, said. “I’m so proud of what we’ve worked on to build the club.”

Thanks to the generous gifts from donors during One Day for UNK, the Cyber Club is poised to grow even more. Funds raised this year will help fund Hackathons, weekly meetings and networking opportunities with employers.

“I feel like saying thank you to our donors is the most important thing,” Bernthal said. “I think this motivates more people to do good work and help each other in our community.”

As Behrens and Bernthal reflect on their time in the Cyber Club, they can’t help but think of the lifelong friendships they have created. It’s the kind of community they can call home.

“I’d say that most of my core friends are from the Cyber Club,” Behrens said. “It has been such a positive experience and I didn’t realize I would build the kind of relationships that I have through this club.”

Your support during One Day for UNK impacts the lives of students like Mackenzie. Thank you for making a gift to support UNK’s colleges, student organizations and making this year’s One Day for UNK a success!

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