Dream of Entrepreneurship Sparks Journey to UNK

Haley Wiemers

Grand Island, Nebraska, native Haley Wiemers embarked on her journey at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Her story not only revolves around her pursuit of dreams but also underscores the pivotal role of donor support in shaping her path to success.

Wiemers attended Grand Island Senior High School, where she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit and embarked on a business venture. She aspired to establish a coffee shop named “The Bean.” Recognizing the need for a robust educational foundation to expand on her entrepreneurial dream, Wiemers, influenced by her parents who are proud UNK alumni, identified the Kearney campus as the ideal place to both chase her dreams and receive a quality education.

Wiemers acknowledges that without donor support, her college journey would have been considerably more difficult. Financial constraints could have stifled her involvement in extracurricular activities, club memberships, and full engagement in her studies. Generous donors have made it possible for her to enjoy a full college experience.

For Wiemers, scholarships are more than financial assistance; they symbolize a trusting investment in her future. She had the privilege of meeting two donors who are dedicated supporters of her education and believe in her potential. Their involvement and encouragement have continually fortified her commitment to success.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ambitions, Wiemers aspires to make a profound impact on her community. “I’m very passionate about kids having an education, I never want financials to be a burden or to be an obstacle that stops them from doing things in their life,” stated Wiemers. Drawing from her high school experiences, where she actively engaged in philanthropy and youth leadership programs, she envisions creating a scholarship program through her coffee shop.

Wiemers’ journey, from a determined high school student with dreams to a college student with a vision of giving back, serves as a potent testament to the impact of donor support on students’ lives and their communities. As she continues to pursue her dreams at UNK, Haley stands ready to leave behind a legacy of success and generosity, embodying the spirit of transformation through education and philanthropy.

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